17 Education & Technology Group Inc. is a leading education technology company in China, offering smart in-school classroom solution that delivers data-driven teaching, learning and assessment products to teachers, students and parents. Leveraging its extensive knowledge and expertise obtained from in-school business over the past decade, the Company provides teaching and learning SaaS offerings to facilitate the digital transformation and upgrade at Chinese schools, with a focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of core teaching and learning scenarios such as homework assignments and in-class teaching. The product utilizes the Company’s technology and data insights to provide personalized and targeted learning and exercise content that is aimed at improving students’ learning efficiency.


The Company strategically began building its smart in-school classroom solution, including homework and academic assessment products, for K-12 schools in 2012 to empower in-school learning. Since then, 17EdTech has significantly expanded the product portfolio within its smart in-school classroom solution to encompass class preparation and delivery, homework-related activities, and academic assessment, delivering significant efficiency improvements to teachers, students, and parents in all their key daily educational activities and enabling them to engage in ways that would be impossible using traditional offline methods.

The Company provides teachers with comprehensive educational content as well as a range of powerful tools that allow them to execute their daily activities more efficiently, freeing them to concentrate on improving the quality of their teaching. With its products, teachers can easily track student performance during the semester and throughout different grades, empowering them to offer a significantly higher level of personalization and elicit better results from students.

The Company enables students to engage with a massive, proprietary library of localized learning content, access and complete their assignments online, and receive personalized feedback based on issues identified in their homework and assessments. All these activities and related in-school data are captured in a digital academic profile.

The Company offers parents an effective, user-friendly way to monitor the academic performance and progress of their children. 17EdTech also provides parents with up-to-date analysis on areas where their children face challenges, as well as individualized study plans designed to tackle these areas of academic weakness, enabling them to take a more active role in the learning process.


To help students overcome their individual academic weaknesses, the Company started to offer online K-12 after-school tutoring courses in a large-class dual-teacher format in 2017, providing them an after-school learning experience that is closely integrated with their in-school education. 17EdTech’s online after-school tutoring courses cover the major subject matters of China’s K-12 education. The Company leverages its profound insights into student academic performance in school to design its online after-school tutoring courses. In addition, 17EdTech’s significant presence in K-12 schools across China allows the Company to align its after-school tutoring content and learning modules with local curriculum and assessment objectives.